7 Pictures Composition Methods

Photography CompositionColor is one of the most evident components of composition. Most photographs are taken from eye degree. You might do a photograph session the place you search for situations to use a ‘body inside a body’ for instance. There are not any unbreakable rules when it comes to how you must compose your images. Finally, as soon as practiced and mastered – strive forgetting the whole lot you have learned and experiment in breaking the so known as “guidelines”.

You possibly can position numerous focal factors along your line or just have one predominant area focus on the finish of your line that the eye will decide on. Shapes can be utilized in an analogous approach, for example think about a triangle and place three factors of focus at the finish of each point the place the lines of the shape meet.

Take a look at this photo taken in Paris. In this picture, I’ve placed the horizon roughly along the underside third of the body and the biggest and closest bushes alongside the line to the precise. One other helpful composition method is overlapping, the place you deliberately partially obscure one object with another.

One other wonderful means to use them is to interrupt the symmetry or pattern in a roundabout way, introducing stress and a focal point to the scene. The golden triangles composition works in a very comparable technique to the rule of thirds. I discover that I normally have a number of of those pointers in the back of my mind as I am organising a shot.

P.S. One other exercise you may do is to look at some of the images in my galleries or any collection of images and attempt to see when you can inform which compositional techniques have been used. As an alternative of a grid of rectangles nevertheless, we divide the body with a diagonal line going from one corner to another.