Photography Composition Information Cards By ArtAndPhotography

Photography CompositionLearning the principles of photograph composition appears overwhelming to many photographers, nevertheless it would not must be that means. The statue is obviously the main subject but I’ve left plenty of area crammed solely by sky around it. This focuses our attention on the statue itself whereas giving the main topic ‘space to breath’ so to talk. The result’s a extra centered picture which attracts your eye naturally to the principle focal point.

You could have seen that I additionally used this method to focus attention on the water droplets on the leaf within the final guideline. The primary compositional guideline we looked at on this tutorial was the ‘rule of thirds’. The spires of the church are positioned near horizontal line to the proper of the frame.

I hope you discovered this tutorial useful and that it’s going to enable you to bring your photography to the subsequent stage. Take a look at the examples below. This balances out the composition with out taking an excessive amount of focus off the primary subject of the photograph. It helps focus the viewer fully on the principle subject with none distractions.

The traces on the ground all lead the viewer to the Eiffel Tower in the distance. On this photo of the Previous Town Sq. in Prague, I’ve positioned the horizon along the highest third of the body. A superb macro lens is usually a very great tool for creating some of these pictures.

In this photo of the Hotel de Ville in Paris, the implied triangles and diagonals create sense of dynamic rigidity. There are times when putting a subject within the centre of the body works very well. Clearly, it will be impossible to have all of those compositional pointers in your thoughts as you are out shooting.