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Everything You Must Know About Charter Schools

It is natural for parents to seek the best education for their little ones but, where the search must be started? There are many parents actually who are confused whether they should choose local public school, private school or charter school. However, let’s take into account as well that personal bias has a major effect to the decision we are going to make. Some say that the tuition fee asked by private school is equivalent to getting superior level of education for their children while others are committed to public schools as they are providing cultural diversity.

It is sure a bit confusing because school options are bigger than what it were used to. Depending on your district, family and child, the best choice might not be the school around the neighborhood. There is always a real risk that funding for public schools can be cut as they rely mostly on local, state and federal tax dollars. Aside from that, public schools have to stick to the guidelines set by the state on the things they should teach and how to assess children.

When it comes to charter schools however, this is more of a hybrid of public and private. Much like the conventional public schools, these charter schools are free but, they are not discriminating against students due to their gender, disability or race. However, parents have to submit a different application to enroll their child in charter school. More often than not, charter schools also have a limited space similar to private schools. These schools are run independently and some are being operated by private companies for profit.

Charter schools on the other hand are still getting funding from the government and accountable to government body whether it is a district, county or state that is providing the charter. The charter is on the edge of being shut down if for instance that the school constantly receives low test score and poorly managed. But if the school keeps on excelling, then they are likely going to get a fundraising too.

As for a private school, they are able to continuously operate primarily because of private funding they get from tuition fees, parents via grants, donations and so on. As a matter of fact, it is a normal thing for private schools to ask money from community organization and businesses as well as alumni. If the school is associated to a religious group, the religious organization like catholic church can be a major funding source as well.

Last but not the least, in areas wherein voucher system is applied, some private schools are primarily funded by tuition fee that is paid for by the state’s voucher. In fact, private schools are able to offer curriculums or even religious education that is not offered by the state standards since they’re independent.

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