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Some Of The Hidden Things About Canines That You Should Know

Dogs are friends to human beings. You will find that so many people have dogs as pets. For one to have one effectively, there are a few things that must be done. You should know that dogs need housing, food, and medicine. You must plan and have these before you proceed to bring your dog home. It essential to understand that there are certain things that dogs do and undergo that most individuals do not know. Some of the things are just assumed even though no one understands. The following are some of the unbelievable facts about dogs that you should know.

You need to understand that just like human beings; dogs also experience dreams. It has been found out that the brain of a dog functions almost similar to that of a human being. For that reason, they experience the same things when it comes to dreaming. In one way or the other, we have seen these animals become expressive while sleeping. It should be noted that human beings experience the same thing when they are sleeping.

The other thing that you are required to learn is that dogs express their feelings through their tails. You will realize that dogs wag their tails almost daily and it is something that we see. It is important to point out that most individuals believe that tail wagging comes with joy in the animal. Well, when the tail is straightened to the right, then it means the dog is happy to see you. When they do so to the left, it means that they are frightened. However, continuous wagging associated with dilated pupils and tensed muscles is a sign of aggression. The other important fact to note is that dogs mate two times a year. You will realize that this is different from what the other animals do. What is more, dogs only mate for reproduction and not for pleasure.

You should know that at birth, the puppies of a dog are deaf and blind. It is important to have in mind that at birth, most of the parts of their bodies are not functional because they are still growing. It should be noted that under the organs that still develop at birth, eyes and ears are some of them. For that reason, the puppies cannot see or hear anything when they are born. You need to learn that the animals depend on their sense of smell to survive for some time. It should be noted that dogs are just like human beings because they are quite smart and wise.

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